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Jan Edöcs, CEO of DOXA: His top three watches for everyday wear

Jan Edöcs, CEO of DOXA: His top three watches for everyday wear


He proudly flies the flag for the brand, but we never know which watch he will be wearing! Jan Edöcs has been the effervescent CEO of DOXA for three years now.
A hands-on team player, he embodies DOXA's "outside the box" vision, bringing the brand back to centre stage, and turning it from sleeping beauty into a maker of highly coveted watches, with its classic vintage pieces becoming increasingly sought-after.

Shining a spotlight on the brand's heritage was one of Jan Edöcs' goals. He literally rebuilt the company's image, focusing on its heritage, its technical ingenuity, and the aesthetic of its iconic models.  Today, this work is largely complete, with new collections able to rest on these solid foundations. As summer approaches, which of these watches are captivating the CEO? Here are his Top 3 – not simply his favourites, but the pieces he actually wears on a daily basis. From seaside to poolside, here is the lowdown from this happy man...


His absolute favourite

SUB 300 Carbon. Why? "Because of the carbon, it's a watch that you can really forget you are wearing. It only weighs 44 g," the CEO explains. The carbon also makes it both extremely hard-wearing and perfectly water-resistant, like all DOXA models. It is the perfect piece for water sports, and all the other sports which are the true stars of summer, as it gets under way. "I often go to Lake Biel in Bienne, both to sail and for a bit of cardio. I really need freedom of movement, to focus on my sailing or the route I'm running, and the SUB 300 is perfect for that!"


One of the things he really loves about this model is its "link between the past and future." In 1967, the SUB 300 was created in steel. In 2022, it is made from forged carbon. The spirit and design are the same, but the contemporary technology and materials have allowed it to develop and mature.


His vintage favourite

SUB 300T. Why? "Because it is the original!," says Jan. "The movable bezel and flange, the colour, the large protective case... it has everything." The piece is available with its original steel bracelet, but it can now also be paired with a rubber strap in a fun range of colours. And this is the version that Jan Edöcs loves: as someone who enjoys diving, he opts for the SUB 300T Aquamarine. A piece in summery colours evoking a lagoon, it is punchy, fresh, and dynamic; a highly technical diver's watch at an extremely affordable price. "It really causes a sensation poolside. To do full justice to the watch, the connoisseur can sit on the beach, sipping a blue lagoon cocktail!"


One for the office!

SUB 600T. Why?  Because, with its 40-mm case, it is the piece that sits best on Jan Edöcs' wrist. "I am still very active but, with age, we sometimes gain a bit around the middle... but not around the wrist! Mine is still very slim and the 600T is perfect for me, particularly for days at the office. It is the perfect complement to the very sporty and colourful models above. You can really clearly feel the original spirit of the Eighties, even though we have managed to give it a very modern edge. I just love its design!" In addition to this aesthetic, the CEO really appreciates the hard-wearing ceramic of its bezel. The model that he wears every day is the Caribbean version in a navy blue which evokes the depths of the ocean. The perfect accessory for exploring the seas and reefs this summer!


Jan Edöcs prefers the rubber strap, even though the best-selling versions are those with a metal bracelet – he says that rubber offers "a comfort which definitely appeals to me more." A passionate watch lover, he changes his watch several times a day, yet he always returns to one of these three models.


Summer time!

The sun is high in the sky, and the suitcases are being packed. So, where are you off to this year? Sliders, hiking boots or flippers: the DOXA watch is designed to be an all-terrain classic! What are your favourites? A pure diver's watch or a hard-wearing carbon version for everyday wear? For some, it is a question of weight. For others, history. Or perhaps, colour! What about you? What guides your choice?