To ensure your SUB functions perfectly for many years to come, please follow these recommendations. your SUB for the first time (or if it has stopped), you will need to windit manually.


Magnetic fields Avoid placing your watch in the vicinity of magnetic fields. These invisible fields may originate from sources such as hard drives, medical devices, speakers, televisions and refrigerator doors. Mobile phones, tablets and laptops, as well as magnetic fasteners on handbags and purses, are also sources of magnetic fields.

Seawater Always rinse your watch in fresh water after swimming in the sea.

Shocks Avoid subjecting your watch to shocksand sustained vibrations.

Screw-down crown Always make sure you have screwed the crown down fully to preventany moisture from getting into your watch.

Standard crown Always make sure the crownis pushed in against the casing to prevent any moisture from getting into your watch.

Temperatures Avoid exposing your watchto extreme temperatures (above 60°C/140°F and below 0°C/32°F) andto sudden temperature variations.

Water resistance We cannot guarantee that your watch will maintain its original water resistance over time. The seals may be affected by wear or by an accidental shock to the crown. As recommended in our service guide, have the water-resistant seals of your watch tested oncea year by an authorized DOXA Service Center.

Chronograph pushers Do not adjust the pushers underwater as this may allow moisture to get into your watch.


Please do not manually change the date when the hour hand is between 10:00 P.M. and 2:00 A.M.. The automatic date function of the watch is actively engaged during this four hour period (the pinions are being repositioned to carry out the automatic date change), and by manually engaging the date while the hour hand in this four hour period it is possible to damage the self-winding movement. ALWAYS be sure that the crown is fully screwed down. Your watch will NOT be water-resistant if the crown is not completely screwed down and in position 1 (P1). Please note that the improper use/operation of the crown will invalidate the guarantee. If for any reason you are unable to operate the crown of your watch, please contact DOXA Customer Service immediately. Please find below the contact details:


DOXA HQ Switzerland +41 32 344 42 72



DOXA USA +1 520 369 2872 



DOXA EUROPE +49 7231 93 12 20