Discover all the Doxa SUB collection

DOXA Watches presents a wide range of models of which numerous are considered as cult objects.

Each and every DOXA watch makes a bold statement, highlighting DOXA innovative spirit since its founding in 1889.

As you explore the following pages, you will see that the legend is in constant evolution. Renewal is a never-ending journey. 

The adventure continues.

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To ensure your SUB functions perfectly for many years to come, please follow these recommendations. Before you start wearing your SUB for the first time (or if it has stopped), you will need to wind it manually.  


Champs magnétiques Évitez de placer votre montre à proximité de champs magnétiques. Ceux-ci peuvent émaner de sources telles que les disques durs, appareils médicaux, haut-parleurs, téléviseurs et portes de réfrigérateur. Les téléphones portables, tablettes et ordinateurs portables, ainsi que les fermetures à aimants des sacs à main et des porte-monnaie, sont également sources de champs.

Eau saléeRincez toujours votre montre à l’eau douce après avoir nagé dans la mer.

Shocks Avoid subjecting your watch to shocks and sustained vibrations.

Couronne vissée Always make sure you have screwed the crown down fully to prevent any moisture from getting into your watch.

Standard crown Always make sure the crown is pushed in against the casing to prevent any moisture from getting into your watch.

Températures Avoid exposing your watch to extreme temperatures (above 60°C/140°F and below 0°C/32°F) and to sudden temperature variations.

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Do not manually set the date on automatic watches when the hour hand is between 10:00 pm and 2:00 am.The automatic date function is actively engaged during this four-hour period (the pinions are being repositioned to carryout the automatic date change), and manually setting the date will damage the self-winding movement. ALWAYS be sure that the crown is fully screwed down and in position 0 (P0 - see diagram on next page). Your watch will NOT be watertight if the crown is not completely screwed down. Please note that improper use/operation of the crown will void the warranty. If for any reason you are unable to operate the crown of your watch, please contact DOXA Customer Service without delay: